Tesco intends to re-submit plans for a £40m store in Nottingham after withdrawing its application in response to objections from council officers.

The supermarket giant pulled its plans for a 90,000 sq ft store in the city’s Eastside Regeneration Zone just hours before the council was due to discuss the project at the end of May. A council report had advised against approving it planning permission on the basis that it was inconsistent with the approved masterplan for the so-called Island site. 

Campaign group ‘No Tesco Eastside’ said the application would threaten the local retail environment, have a detrimental increase on traffic, and impact residents’ social and economic well being. 

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We still believe that our scheme for Nottingham Eastside will help kick start the regeneration the area needs. We withdrew the application following comments from planning concerns. We are currently reviewing the comments and will resubmit an application soon.”

Nottingham already has 25 Tesco stores in the area, making it one of the most Tesco-dominated towns in the UK based on population per store. The city council also approved nine applications from the big four in the two years to November 1 - the seventh highest approval rate of all of the UK’s local authorities.