As retailers know, it can often be difficult to get quick reaction from the police when reporting crime. Crime against businesses is all too often displaced by different police priorities. 

A key message I get from retailers is that getting involved in their local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) can make a real difference. CDRPs are made up of representatives from the local police, communities and businesses, and often have a key role to play in setting priorities or allocating funding for crime prevention activities. However lack of knowledge or time often means that retailers are unaware of how to get involved with partnership working at a local level.

ACS has assisted government to produce information for businesses on how best to engage with their local CDRP. It contains helpful tips on how businesses have successfully reduced crime in their area, as well as in their communities, and can be downloaded from the ACS website.

This does not alter the fact that there needs to be stronger sanctions in place for when shop crime does occur. Shop theft, and the police response to it, is an issue which continues to be a number one priority for retailers. 

ACS supported the introduction of fines to drive up police interventions, but only for first time offenders, for goods under £100 and with the victim’s consent.

This, however, is clearly not happening. In particular it is vital that all PNDs are entered immediately on the Police National Computer to stop the issuing of fines to repeat offenders.

Retailers are right to expect more from police and government in tackling shop crime, but you won’t get change unless you speak up. ACS continues to make the case nationally but to make difference in your store, get involved in decision making locally.