The coming year is likely to see a huge rise in the number of shoppers walking to the shops and fleet-of-foot independent retailers stand to benefit from the trend, says the My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) campaign.

MSYS chairman Alan Toft says that the combination of increasing eco-awareness and reduced disposable income is a “once in a lifetime double motivator” for consumers to leave the car at home and walk to their local shop.

The campaign is helping retailers to make the change by issuing window posters which tell customers how much carbon emission they will save if they walk to the store.

Toft said: “The IGD’s data reveals that 21% of shoppers say they are walking to local shops more often, and a Tesco executive recently said that customers are using their cars less and shopping more frequently.

“The combined selling signals of carbon reduction and saving money should be the new local shop proposition. I have never before known a heaven-sent promotional platform of this strength. It is based on real commercial, footfall and cash benefits.”

MSYS estimates that more than 20 million consumers now walk to local shops every day, and says independents could increase that number further by promoting its ‘Think Global, Shop Local’ theme.

Toft said: “It’s just the boost the independent sector needs at a time of downturn in the economy.”

Posters can be downloaded at