Spar retailers in the South West have the opportunity to grow their chilled and frozen offerings thanks to a new five-year deal signed between local Spar wholesaler Appleby Westward and Gregory Distribution.

The new deal, which comes into effect from October 3, will offer retailers the option of more frequent deliveries, enhanced flexibility and a larger range of frozen and chilled foods. Appleby Westward will be holding communication briefings with its 300 retailers in the weeks prior to the beginning of the contract to outline the benefits of the deal.

“The contract we have agreed provides Spar in the South West with the opportunity to drive chilled ranges, availability and service as never before,” said Appleby Westward managing director John Patterson.

Chris Sharrington who runs a Spar in Helston, Cornwall, with his wife Sue said that the new contract will save retailers time and money, and offer the chance to expand their range.

“It means we’ll just have to make one large order rather than several to different suppliers,” said Chris. “Plus it’ll give us the chance to stock ranges we may not have been able to carry before.”

The new deal will also help with availability of stock. “Since they’re can be deliveries six days a week, it means we’ll never be out of stock of frozen or chilled items for more than 24 hours which means customers won’t be disappointed,” added Chris.