With the hot and humid weather expected to hold until next week, new figures from HIM Research & Consulting show just how juicy the summer sales opportunity can be - with shoppers willing to spend an average of £27.83 per visit on food and drink for barbecues this summer.

More than 50% of people said a good weather forecast prompted them to have a barbecue, while 18% were influenced by barbecue promotions, the latest Convenience Barometer results show.

Meat, burgers and alcohol are the top three most popular purchases, followed by bread and then sides such as cheese, salad, crisps and snacks.

Katie Littler, communications director at HIM, said: “BBQ season can offer a huge opportunity for convenience stores.

“With one-in-two UK adults expecting to attend a BBQ this summer it’s vital that convenience stores acknowledge this British pastime.

“A good weather forecast will cause a surge in demand for BBQ related categories and solutions; retailers need to keep a close eye on the forecast and re-think their stock levels, front of store displays and in-store communications accordingly.

“In general shoppers turn to convenience stores for ‘convenient’ solutions to meal occasions. Creating a BBQ display which brings relevant categories together with BBQ signage such as ‘don’t forget the mayo’ can drive impulse sales. And don’t forget the role alcohol, soft drinks, snack and desserts can play – it’s not all about the meat.”

Meanwhile, predictive analytics company Blue Yonder has also released a new survey showing that  more than 80% of  millennials (people born between the 1980s and 2000) are happy to pay more for ice cream and cold drinks during a heatwave, compared with 40% of 55s-plus.

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