A campaign against proposals to introduce alcohol-style licences for tobacco retailers in Scotland has been launched by the Tobacco Alliance.
The "Responsible Retailers" campaign kicks off just weeks after SNP MSP Christine Grahame called for the introduction of a positive licensing scheme for tobacco retailers. She also proposed restrictions on tobacco displays in a bid to reduce underage sales.
The Tobacco Alliance campaign aims to encourage the responsible retail of tobacco products, and to promote the work that independent retailers are already undertaking to reduce underage sales.
Campaign spokeswoman and Glasgow-based retailer Fiona Barrett said: "The campaign is our chance to show the public and politicians that independent shopkeepers in Scotland do uphold the law and are committed to combating underage sales of tobacco. We also want to urge MSPs not to forget about the effects bringing in tobacco licences would have on many of Scotland's small businesses, including independent retailers who are already burdened by an excess of red tape."
Fiona instead urged the authorities to work harder in tackling the illegal tobacco trade which she said was enabling the public to have easy access to cheap and often below-grade products.