Scotmid Co-operative, which operates more than 350 stores across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, has won the Fair Tax Mark for the second consecutive year.

The Fair Tax Mark is the UK’s only certification for businesses that behave responsibly on corporation tax.

The accreditation gives customers who are worried about tax avoidance the confidence to shop at Scotmid convenience stores and its other businesses.

John Dalley, chief financial officer of Scotmid, said: “To receive the certificate for a second year in a row is pleasing recognition for the society and highlights our continued commitment to good practice.

“Scotmid believes the Fair Tax Mark is important and a as a responsible co-operative it fits with our core values and principles.”

Harry Cairney, president of Scotmid, said the society continuously strived to be “open, honest and transparent” in everything it did.

“Recognition of achieving the Fair Tax Mark is testament to the continued excellent work of our team and gives further confidence to our members, customers, suppliers and staff in the way that we do business.”

Richard Livings, project manager of the Fair Tax Mark, pointed to recent scandals in which companies had been exposed as tax avoiders and these had led to boycotts and outrage.

“The Fair Tax Mark is a positive way for consumers to easily identify responsible businesses; companies that pay what they should, not what they can get away with,” he said.