Scotmid Co-operative has introduced a fresh fruit and veg promotion in an effort to change consumer perception that convenience stores mean premium pricing.

The initiative comprises the ‘Fresh Three’, in which three products are offered approximately half price every three weeks. It starts with carrots, down from 69p to 39p, lettuce, down from 90p to 39p, and cucumber, down 45p to 39p.

More than 100 fresh produce lines will see major permanent discounts offered, such as five Fair Trade bananas, reduced from £1 to 85p, red grapes, cut from £2 to £1.69 and tomatoes from £1 to 75p. The promotion is ongoing throughout the summer.

Colin McLean, Scotmid’s chief operating officer, said: “This is part of our pricing commitment we started a while ago that will continue to bring down the price of fresh food in convenience stores.

“As we know, customers’ shopping habits are changing so they now shop little and often, therefore this initiative is to further encourage that and get them confident that they can top up on fresh food as well as other daily essentials.”