Scotmid Co-operative has announced a new smartphone application to provide special offers and benefits to members.

Scotmid teamed up with mobile developers Waracle to design the the Scotmid Member App which will be available for download for IOS, Android and Windows smart phones from January 25. As well as special offers, the app will also come with a store finder tool and a news feed populated by website news and social media posts.

Project manager Laura Paterson said: “As well as providing more regular, tangible benefits, it’s hoped that the app will allow for greater direct engagement between the Society and our membership by using new technology to improve our membership offering.

“The administration of the app has been integrated with the Scotmid website so both can be operated quickly and easily from the same place. This also means that Scotmid members, who have already registered with our online ‘Membership Hub’, can use the same log in details for the app.”

Scotmid’s head of corporate communications, Malcolm Brown said: “Co-operatives have undergone a great deal of modernisation in recent years and we need to consider how we continue do this. Mobile technology really is the future, I am really looking forward to seeing how the app is received and what the future holds for technology in co-operatives over the coming months and years.”