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    Check your bank statements - it could save you money


    I could write dozens of pages about the compliance requirements for card processing terminals…

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    It's a rip-off and there's nothing you can do about it


    This will be the fourth time I have written about the snappily-titled PCI DSS over the past year…

  • Dear Jac

    Common sense rules


    The weekend before Bonfire Night I got a panic email from Lynn Thurston…

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    How to get over the 'con' in contract


    No apologies on my continued nagging over contracts but here is something that may help somebody…

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    They all want handover money


    You’ve already forked over thousands, so how about a few hundred more?…

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    Different name, same scam


    Here’s your bill from Costa Packet, Valencia…

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    Ah Spain: the sun, the sangria...the scams


    As I’ve said before, the fine print makes it difficult to suss that you might be placing an advert…

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    Another wham scam from the 'cops'


    Peter McAfee had a call from a guy calling himself Dave Bradley and claiming to be from the Police…

  • Dear Jac

    Rubbing in the salt


    I have travelled back in time for this one, but there you go – you can’t keep a ‘good’ story down…

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    Be aware, be very aware


    Amit Patel emailed me to spread a warning about the so-called ‘Child Safety Awareness Campaign’…

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    E-scaped scot-free


    When I first reported on Red Electronic Cigarettes, I was hoping that it was just a duff batch…

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    If you value your business throw out the cowboys


    Here’s something that I think a lot of retailers can learn from…

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    It's the Loan Stranger


    I expect you all have some customers who are hard up – the type who always buy the cheapest option…

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    Who's funding FiT?


    There are lots more solar panels around these days, right? Did you know you were subsidising them?

  • Dear Jac

    The loan danger


    Previous Nisa member Dilip Patel, in the process of handing over his store to another retailer, needs to hear from anyone who has had dealings with Close Finance.

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    Spam spam spam


    Sometimes it must feel as though the scams are aimed surely and squarely at Only You.

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    The Spanish king of scams


    It’s back folks: well, it never really went away: European City Guide (ECG), aka Industry and Commerce. Since it has 16 other names to my knowledge, it’s hard to keep track of them

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    Outconning the conman


    Pay attention at the back because you are going to love this story. Regular correspondent Hitendra Patel (Costcutter, Romford) rang again with an uplifting tale of how he conned a con artist

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    Spam, scams and hanky-banky


    I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with those phone calls and texts offering to refund missold payment protection insurance

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    Sticky fingers in the till


    Once upon a time I attended a training seminar and the old hand who gave the presentation opened with an anecdote about stock losses