Amit Patel emailed me from Belvedere News Food & Wine to warn of the so-called ‘Child Safety Awareness Campaign’.

He writes: “Just had an interesting call from a young lady purporting to be from the above institution (never heard of them). According to her, I agreed to sponsor the local school back in January.

“When challenged that I was not around on the date that she claimed to have called, and that she was lying, she hastily said that she would remove me from the database and hung up. I dialled 1471, but it’s a withheld number.”

It seems the old scams are back again: Drink Awareness, Drugs Awareness, Safety Awareness. I’ve been reporting on them in one guise or another for well over a decade. They latch onto worthy-sounding causes - schools, hospitals, emergency services - and they play on people’s charitable nature. And then they keep the money. So keep yourself safe from these scams. •