Sainsbury’s has announced plans to replace its Brand Match scheme with lower regular prices on “products that matter most to consumers”.

The supermarket says it is reinforcing its commitment to offering great products and services at a fair price to customers as part of its pricing strategy to lower regular prices and reassure customers.

Sainsbury’s said a recent customer survey revealed lower regular prices mattered more to customers and they will now have greater flexibility to buy what they want, when they want it, at “great prices” without restrictions.

All the money from the scheme will be reinvested in lowering the price of popular key products that customers buy week in, week out, including chicken, bread, cheese, fresh produce and household cleaning items.

Sarah Warby, Sainsbury’s marketing director, said: “Customers have told us that they want lower regular prices, and that this is more important to them than Brand Match. We’ve taken this on board and will now be investing all of the money from the scheme into lowering the regular prices on everyday products.

“We know that customers like the changes we’ve already made to the way we price our products because it fits in with the way people shop now. Our customers are shopping more frequently across multiple channels and they want to be able to buy the products they love, in the quantities they need, safe in the knowledge that they are getting great value for money. Our simpler, clearer pricing lets them do just that.”

The last Brand Match coupons will be issued on Tuesday 26 April.