A £20,000 reward has been offered up for information leading to the arrest of the gunman who murdered store worker Ahmet Paytak in March.

Ahmet died after he was shot in the stomach by a gunman on a motorcycle while working in the Euro Food and Wine Store in Holloway, London. 

Local police believe that he was mistaken for a member of a Turkish gang. Ahmet’s son Huseyin, who was visiting him at the time, was also shot in the leg during the incident. Police had arrested a man in connection with the incident but he has not been charged and was released on bail until November pending further enquiries.

Detective Inspector Joe Daly of the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command said that he hoped that the“substantial reward will encourage people to come forward who have perhaps felt unable to so far”.

CCTV footage of the suspects arriving at and fleeing the scene has also been released in the hope that it will lead to the arrest of the gunman or his accomplice who drove the getaway motorcycle.  

Meanwhile a twelfth person has been arrested in connection with the murder of shopworker Nasar Hussain.

Nasar was shot while working in Brookhouse Supermarket in Winton, Eccles in July of this year. Two other men have been charged with the murder.

The shooting was also believed to be another case of mistaken identity in a local gangland dispute. Brookhouse Supermarket was also petrol bombed last week as the gang war escalated. No one was hurt in the incident and the local fire service was able to put it out before it spread.