Retailers large and small have signed up to a long list of pledges to help shoppers make more informed choices about the food and alcoholic drink they buy.

The Responsibility Deal, of which full details will be released this week, seeks to bring retailers, manufacturers, government and health groups together in the promotion of healthy eating and drinking.

Retailers who have signed up to the scheme including all of the UK's major supermarkets pledge to increase unit awareness on their alcoholic drinks and to expand their funding of local alcohol programmes and more.

However, the launch was dealt a blow when six leading health groups pulled out of the deal.

The group, including Alcohol Concern and the Royal College of Physicians, said the drinks industry had had too much influence in the deal's making.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), which plans to sign up, slammed the health lobby's "pre-emptive strike". "It's a shame that they have decided to go on the attack, but we remain keen that the Responsibility Deal is a success," said ACS public affairs director Shane Brennan.