Retailers of magazines believe they must be given more control over copy allocation and choice of supply if the distribution chain is to avoid a further probe by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

In its recent refusal to refer the market to the Competition Commission, the OFT pointed out features in the supply chain which meant it could not give the industry a clean bill of health. It said that unless changes occurred it would consider a further review in two years' time.

John Lennon, of the Association of News Retailing (ANR), said: "We are pleased to see that the OFT recognises our concerns.

"It is clear that they agree that those retailers who want to manage their own magazine supplies should be able to, and ANR will ensure that publishers and wholesalers respond to these retailers' needs," he added.

"Our role is to make sure that the whole industry responds to the very clear message about why, how, and how quickly the industry has to change."

Lennon said that failure to implement voluntary changes would result in a full enquiry which would "bring about real change to support retailers and consumers."