Retailers are capitalising on a surge in demand for Fidget Spinners - the latest trend to capture young people’s imagination across the country.

The small hand-held toys were originally designed to help children with conditions such as autism cope with stress, but they have now become a popular toy.

Rav Garcha, who owns five stores in the West Midlands area, has sold about £2,000-worth of Fidget Spinners over the past couple of weeks. He sells a range of products at price points between £2 and £20.

“You need to capitalise on them while you can,” he told C-Store. “I’m selling them in all my stores and getting margins of between 50% to 70%. It’s been easy sourcing them in the Birmingham area.”

He said the trend had proven the value of social media, where he has been promoting the products, especially on Facebook.

“I wasn’t convinced social media was worth it before, but now lots of people see the posts and are coming in. I heard about it through a Whatsapp group, which in itself highlights the value of constantly talking to retailers,” Rav added.

Nisa Pinkie in Musselburgh, Scotland, is also making the most of the trend. “We sold out of a batch of 144 single units in three days,” said store manager Colin Smith. “However, the problem for us is trying to get hold of them. We sourced them through BJ Toys but they’ve got none left themselves. I’m trying to get hold of some more through one of Nisa’s drop shipment suppliers.

“I think it’ll be short-lived so we need to make the most of it.”

Malcolm’s Stores in the Coventry area has just ordered another batch of Fidget Spinners, while they are “flying out” in Mos Patel’s Family Shopper in Broadoak, Ashton Under Lyne. Both retailers are advertising the products on Facebook.