Raaj Chandarana, of Tara’s News, in High Wycombe, says he’s discovered a new craze which he thinks could become as popular as the loom band craze a few years ago.

“The new craze is Fidget Spinners. They’re little toys that are held in the hand and they fit onto a till point display easily. People have been going crazy online, saying they aren’t able to get a hold of them and asking when I’ll be able to get them in stock.”

Raaj got these in stock on April 28.

“Retailers need to jump on this as soon as possible as it’s likely to only be a fad, but they offer good margins and you can charge a premium if you’re the only place people can find them.

“I’m planning to sell them at £3.99 each.

“I also still have some packs of 20 cigarettes in the old PMP packs which people are coming in for especially.”

Successful NPD

Pepsi Max Ginger:

“The Pepsi Max Ginger seems like a bit of a risk, but I think I’ll try it because the whole Pepsi Max range sells well. Cherry is really popular.”

Pepsi Max has launched new Pepsi Max Ginger, bringing the first cola and ginger combination to the UK market. The soft drinks brand unveiled the new variant as a reaction to fans’ desire for big, bold and interesting flavours.

McCoy’s Chips:

“The new McCoy’s chip shop range is popular as you get quite a lot in the bag so shoppers feel they are getting good value for money.”

The range, launched in February, is available in 70g £1 pricemarked packs in two flavours: salt & vinegar; and curry. The crisps are lighter than the standard Ridged McCoy’s, with a crunchy outside and fluffy inside. The range is being supported by a £2m investment.

What’s hot: Soft drinks always go well, but have done particularly well with the weather heating up.

What’s not: Chocolate is not so popular – as we move into summer people are opting for cereal bars instead.