With the warmer weather likely to continue, retailers are beginning to capitalise on demand for Slush machine drinks.

Above average temperatures over the last week have driven sales of the brightly coloured frozen flavoured drinks. Peter Woods of Costcutter, Halstead has had a Slush machine, supplied by Snowshock, in store since July 2014. He said: “Although sales dip in the winter they have really started to kick off again now the sun’s out, and the margin we make is great.” Peter stocks several flavoured syrups and rotates them weekly to keep his customers returning.

Anish Keshwara of Nisa Local Whittlesey started off with a small Slush machine in his store a few years ago but soon upgraded to a much bigger machine due to high demand. “Sales are tremendous. It is impulse driven and increasingly popular with both adults and children,” he said. ”Of course the hot weather helps, and so does having a variety cup sizes and flavours. We have five different flavours, the most popular ones being strawberry and blue raspberry.”

Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director, said: “Clearly the purchase of a Slush machine is not a cheap investment for retailers. We can demonstrate that it soon pays off and leaves you with a fantastic and long term high margin opportunity for your store. Slush drinks really are good news for independent retailers.”

Terry Horny who runs The News Box, Portsmouth, has sold between 100 and 150 cups a day, with a margin of 81%, according to Hancocks.