Costcutter retailer Paul Smith has been given a reprieve to continue trading until September in his dispute with United Co-operatives.
Smith had originally been told by United, which owns the property in Pickering, North Yorkshire, that he would have to leave when his lease expires on January 2 (C-Store, September 8, 2006). United is planning to open its own store on the site and was recently granted planning permission after an independent survey revealed that a larger store would not significantly increase traffic or the risk of an accident in the area.
Paul had a meeting with the society and was told that he could remain until the autumn and retain the goodwill of his business if he wanted to continue retailing. But he maintained he still wished to remain at the store and was considering his legal position.
"I have been told I could set up elsewhere," he said. "But this is a small town and the only other suitable sites are owned by United. It would be a wrench to have to leave after trading here for 12 years."
He claims United has acted unfairly and is unhappy with an offer of £9,000 linked to the property's rateable value.
United denies it has acted improperly.