Rav Garcha has become the first independent retailer to install Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) in his store.

He has just started a 12-month trial of the technology in his Nisa Local store in Shrewsbury to take advantage of impulse shoppers. “Unplanned purchases are based on price, so the most important thing for stores, is to ensure that pricing is easy to see and compelling, encouraging repeat purchase and customer retention at the store,” he said.

The 2,000 shelf labels were installed by Herbert Retail. Business development manager Raj Sangha said the system is fully integrated into the store’s epos, allowing flexibility for the retailer. “All labels work together on the same system allowing Nisa to mix and match sizes, shapes and styles according to different needs in different areas of the store, as and when required,” he said.

Rav is excited about the options the system will offer his business. “The fact the digital display can be changed so easily will allow us to take advantage of so many opportunities,” he added. “It will allow us to have time-of-day promotions and offer the customer added-value point of purchase information, such as cost per unit, recipe ideas, QR codes and suggestions for accompanying products.”

Nisa IT director Wayne Swallow said: “The implementation of this trial shows that Nisa is looking to develop and utilise sector-leading equipment to help develop retailer’s stores. Earlier this year we saw the need to introduce an innovations committee to help Nisa retailers develop and progress with new technologies available. We are pioneering the use of new technology to help Nisa retailers.”