A new website designed to help retailers tackle business crime has been launched. 

Tackling Retail Crime Together, run by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC), details the hard work being done by retailers to curb crime and create safer communities.

It features case studies of retailer work in communities, best practice guidelines for store owners and downloadable POS materials.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said the site can provide inspiration for retailers plagued by crime. “Tackling Retail Crime Together is a great resource for retailers to share the many positive projects that they participate in to stop retail crime,” he said. “The clear message from existing case studies is that retail crime is best tackled in partnership with communities, police and local authority agencies. I hope this site continues to develop and can be used as a learning resource for retailers across the country.”

BRC director general Stephen Robertson said the site should be key reading for any potential Police and Crime Commissioners. “Retailers of all sizes are contributing to efforts to prevent crime and create safe neighbourhoods,” he said. “They run projects to oversee offenders on community sentences and to provide resources for local beat officers, for example.
“Retailers are playing their part by investing time and money in crime prevention for the good of their local communities,” he added. “The message this new website sends out to the Police and Crime Commissioners of the future is – we expect you to support us in that.”

Retailers can access the site at www.TacklingRetailCrimeTogether.co.uk.