Following the earthquake in Nepal, the organisers of Retail Auction have decided to send 25% of the money raised to the relief effort, on behalf of Khalsa Aid.

Susan Connolly, lead organiser and one of the retailers up for auction, said: “The money is urgently needed and we can help so many people. The disaster is very close to some of the team’s heart so it only felt right that we send some money to the recovery of the people affected.”

The auction has raised over £10,500 from bidding, although separate donations, which remain open past the closing date of May 1, have not yet been totalled. The auction has received support from many suppliers and retailers, with Warburtons the highest bidder.

Nisa has also shown its commitment by making a donation of £500. Other symbol groups which have shown their support include Appleby Westward Spar, Simply Fresh and HSKRetail Ltd.

“The Retail Auction has been a great way for the independent sector to get together; many friendships and working relationships have formed which can only be useful to everyone in the future,” added Susan.

“The retailers involved have been great drivers in creating awareness of the Retail Auction, and a special mention to Rich Tyler and Richard Huxley who have been behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.”

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