A Midlands company that relabelled packets of biscuits to extend best-before dates by 12 months has been fined more than £20,000.

Truman Advance Group of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, admitted infringing trade descriptions and food labelling regulations.

Nottingham magistrates heard that Trading Standards Officers found 85,000 Jacob’s Club Orange multi-packs had dates extended by a year and 1,400 bottles of Baileys Irish Cream by four years. Repackaging best-before dates is legal provided proper procedures are followed, but in this case the court ruled permission had not been given by the manufacturers. The company and its directors were fined £11,250 with £9,000 costs.

A Food Standard Agency spokesman said: “Best before dates go on non-perishable goods and after that date the manufacturer cannot guarantee the quality of the product.”