Asda will keep re-submitting plans for a supermarket in the town of Marple, near Stockport, even though the council will “definitely” refuse planning permission, according to campaigners.

Mike McPhee, a local retailer and co-founder of Marple in Action, said planning permission was not technically possible for a supermarket on the site of the local sixth form college campus. Asda has been revealed as the multiple in talks with the college. 

“The area is not for retail and it is not in the centre,” he said. “Experts have confirmed there is no chance the council can grant permission, and Asda and the college governors must know this.” 

He feared Asda would keep up the pressure until the council relented. 

Mike also accused the governors and the college principle of turning their back on the residents, of which more than 7,000 people have signed a petition against the plans. “They refuse to meet us, but the governor lied by telling the local press that she had met all interested parties. She’s not liasing with the people of Marple - she’s only looking for the best price for the land rather than keeping the interests of the residents or the students in mind.”

Marple in Action, which fears the supermarket will kill off small shops, recently organised a march through town attended by 1,000 people, including the local MP and councillors.