Shoplifting and staff theft in UK stores have decreased, according to a new retail crime report.

Incidents of shoplifting have dropped by 1% and staff theft by 2% in the past year, the Retail Fraud Survey found. However, shrinkage levels rose 10% to £3.4bn, driven by an increase in online fraud.

Better collaboration between retailers and local police are contributing to the fall in store theft, it said, with 55% of retailers now sharing data and knowledge in a bid to crack crime.

Hazel Dearn of Spar Brewood, Staffordshire, said she had witnessed a drop in shoplifting and attributes this to an increase in crime prevention technology and working closely with her local police force.

“We’ve been sharing more data with each other, and shoplifters know that the police are always close by if we need them,” she said.

Earlier this month, Surrey Police became the second UK force to launch the Facewatch mobile app. The system allows retailers to quickly and easily report crime, providing the full evidential package required by the police.