There was a real buzz at Bestway's Park Royal depot when retailers engaged with GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Lucozade brand. Energy and sports drinks is the fastest-growing soft drinks sub-category and GSK is eager for retailers to gain a better understanding of the area.

Linking up with its sponsorship of TV's Big Brother, GSK set retailers the Lucozade Challenge: to tackle the Big Brother Bucking Bronco. With an impressive time of 69 seconds, the winner was Sunny Kapoor of Ragley Super Store in Acton, who went home with £300-worth of Red Letter Day vouchers, while Surinder Bhatia of Sunny's Superstore was runner-up.

Surinder, who has a store in a residential area of South Ealing, believes that in-depot activity is a great idea. "I already buy Lucozade, but this event has encouraged me to have another look at the product," he says. "The soft drinks category is very important, especially when it's hot. It's the fastest selling category in my store at the moment and this is a very supportive move by GSK."

Scott Meredith, trading controller at GSK, says: "Our summer fun days are a great way to bring all the excitement of our leading brands and latest promotions directly to retailers in-depot. Retailers who come along are in for a great time not only can they win some fantastic prizes by taking part in our fun activity, they can get some great deals and advice too.

"We urge retailers to focus on the five key soft drinks principles: range, layout, equipment, communication and location."

GSK wholesale development executive Nad Hussain adds: "Retailers tend to stock what their customers ask for, but sometimes a customer requests a product and they'll end up being the only person who buys it, leaving the retailer with excess stock. That's why it is so important to ensure that you remain focused on your core range."

According to GSK, 80% of all soft drinks sales come from 20% of the product range. To help retailers choose the most suitable products, GSK is giving out leaflets showing the top 10 SKUs.

During their depot visit, retailers were also offered the opportunity to sample GSK's Ribena Strawberry. Complementing this was a prize draw to win a Ribena staff member for a day and a Ribena Day with store sampling and giveaways. Five runners-up received £50-worth of Ribena 500ml.