Fruit and nut brand Whitworths has extended its Shots range with the launch of Shots Nuts (rrp £0.79).

Available from the end of July, the new line includes a combination of nuts with natural flavouring to offer the health-conscious consumer a protein-rich on-the-go nut snack with a savoury or sweet taste.

Whitworths Shots Nuts will come in four flavours. The 25g portion will include one quarter flavoured nuts and three quarters of mixed natural nuts.

Touch of Chilli offers pistachios and jumbo peanuts with chilli almonds, Dash of Salsa contains cashews and pistachios with salsa almonds, Hint of Smoke includes cashews and almonds with smoked almonds and Pinch of Salted Caramel offers cashews and hazelnuts with salted caramel peanut

Whitworths marketing director, Phil Gowland, said: “With the sensational growth of Whitworths Shots in the last year and the rise in demand for snacking nuts, Shots Nuts aims to fulfill a gap in the market and offer consumers a more interesting and tasty alternative to traditionally healthy nuts snacks. As with the original Shots range, we want to make it easy for consumers to enjoy high quality, nutritious snacks and make better choices in their diet where ever, and whenever, they need.”

Year on year growth (105%+) of Whitworths Shots led to the decision to expand the range further.  As part of the trend for healthier snacking, the desire for nutrient-rich nut snacks is on the rise, with the market’s current valuation of £236m per year, and the rate of growth at 15.5%, according tot he brand.