Kath Campbell, owner of Campbell’s of Leyburn, says her store is busy with preparations for the local Tour de Yorkshire.

“The Tour de Yorkshire will see the town closed for the race on May 5th. Of course we will be open and we are expecting lots of people to come into the town to watch the race.

“Preparation pretty much just involves making sure the store is fully stocked for the big day as it should get very busy.

”Our butchery and deli is also doing very well at the moment. We are always promoting the fresh meat through social media and the butcher recently introduced prepared meals which have gone down well. He has also introduced a new range of sausages and burgers in time for the barbecue season.

“With the sugar tax recently coming into force we’ve brought in a few new lines of no and low sugar soft drinks. One popular range is the Belvoir cordials which come in elderflower and raspberry flavours. These are about £1.99 each so they are the more premium end. I think these work well as an alternative to alcohol.”

Successful NPD:

“We started selling the new Budweiser Prohibition a couple of weeks ago and that’s quite popular. We already had the Becks Blue which is more well established.”

What’s hot: Our wine range and butchery are always popular

What’s not: tobacco is definitely a slow category