Eurospar store manager Gregory Cochrane is impressed by the uptake of coffee-to-go at the two stores he looks after in Kilkeel, in Northern Ireland.

”Our coffee-to-go is showing huge growth year-on-year. Both stores are selling over 1,000 cups a week, in the small town of Kilkeel, that’s pretty incredible!

”People come in on their way to work or on their way back from the gym. Shoppers see us as the place to come for good quality, high-value food and coffee to go.

”So the other big thing for me is the move more towards food-to-go, both for the feed-me-now and the meal-for-later missions.”

Another big category for Gregory is the health and wellbeing range.

”I suppose for us there’s a bit of a step change in people’s shopping habits so we are launching a new range of health and wellbeing products which are proving really popular.

”We now have three bays devoted to healthy foods such as flax seeds, egg white protein powder and other foods that really aren’t traditional convenience shop products.”