wha gwan

Caribbean-inspired brand Wha Gwan has expanded its product range with its latest limited edition - Glidin.

The new beverage is the brand’s first infused wine that combines its melon cherry rum tonic with sparkling Glera wine, designed to make a “flavour packed innovative product unlike any others in the UK drinks market”.

The new addition is available to wholesale channels across the UK, at an RRP of £2.99 - £3.99.

It said that the 330ml bottle size is often associated with beer which gives a unique direction for a wine product and makes it more appealing as an RTD option for consumers.

Wha Gwan founder David Mills said: “UK manufacturing has limited resources for bottling in Champagne/Prosecco like bottles and with Brexit driving up the cost for importing and exporting, we decided to think outside of the box with the aim of making something special which is how we came about bottling Glidin in a bottle that is usually associated with beer.

“We understand that times are hard in the market overall throughout the country, and as a brand we are doing our best in providing the market with a different angle and exciting products to entice customers into independent retail stores.”