Weetabix on the go caffe latte pmp

Weetabix On The Go is bringing back its limited-edition Caffé Latte flavour this summer.

The flavour will be available again as a £1 PMP in wholesale and convenience stores. It was launched as a limited-edition in 2021, with the £1 PMP accounting for 30% of the total Weetabix On The Go case sales in Bestway last spring.

The iced coffee market has continued to grow in 2022 with retail sales soaring by 35.4% to £209m over the past year (Nielsen) and ready-to-drink coffee’s popularity is projected to rise in the UK in the years ahead (Mordor Intelligence).

Christian Sarginson, marketing manager of Weetabix On The Go, said: “Weetabix On The Go has offered a convenient and tasty breakfast option since its launch in 2013. We aim to look out for new ways to elevate breakfast, and the award-winning Caffé Latte flavour really resonated last year, with shoppers praising the great taste of the drink and its strong nutritional credentials.

“With chilled coffee on the rise, this limited-edition will gives the UK a boost in the mornings or a handy pick-me-up snack during the day. We know that the £1 PMP will work perfectly in the impulse channel, coming at an ideal time when more people are now looking for breakfast and snacking options on the move at an affordable price.”