Shaken Udder, the premium milkshake producer, has revealed a packaging refresh for its Uber Udder product that has now rolled out.

The new see-through 750ml Uber Udder bottles (RRP £2.00-£2.40) will replace the current cartons from this spring, bringing the packaging design in line with the bottles.

The relaunch of Uber Udder, the large format milkshake, in a bottle reflects the premium nature of the Uber Udder brand and gives the larger milkshake format a stronger and more visible position on the shelf.

Jodie Farran, co-founder of Shaken Udder, said: “Uber Udder has proved incredibly popular with our customers since it launched last June. Our customers love our uniquely-shaped 330ml bottles so we feel that the new 750ml bottles will make the brand even more accessible to our customers and feel strongly that this packaging refresh will increase sales even more. We expect sales to increase by between 20% and 40% with this new packaging change.”

The new 750ml Uber Udder bottles in flavours Chocolush and Vanillalicious.