Tropicana, the UK’s number one juice brand (Nielsen, Value Market Share, YTD November 2017), is introducing a new range of benefit-led juices named ‘Tropicana Essentials’.

The launch offers shoppers juice drinks made using fruits and vegetables such as spinach, kiwi, acerola cherry and blueberry, and offer added functional benefits. Available from this month, the range features two 330ml variants (rrp £1.99): ‘Vitality’ and ‘Berry Boost’.

The functional juices segment is experiencing growth of +21% (Nielsen, Value Sales, Functional Juices MAT 4th March 2017). 

Shopper awareness of the launch will be driven through an impactful marketing campaign, spanning TV, social media, in-store sampling and influencer partnerships. Digital activity will be tailored to the times of day when consumers are likely to be looking for each of the functional benefits in the range.

Caroline Wilding, marketing manager for Juices at PepsiCo UK, said: “Functional juice is the fastest growing segment within chilled fruit juice but it is still a confusing place for consumers to shop. We’re confident that Tropicana Essentials will become a beacon brand to attract shoppers to the fixture and help them better understand what functional juices can offer. We see Tropicana Essentials as an incremental opportunity for retailers looking to make the most of their chilled fruit juice sales with a delicious, functional juice for their shoppers.”

Vitality offers a juice made from pineapple, apple, banana, white grape, kiwi and spinach, and aims to help reduce tiredness and fatigue with vitamin C and magnesium.

‘Berry Boost is made grape, apple, raspberry, acerola cherry and blueberry and offers vitamin C-rich fruit to help protect cells from oxidative stress.