Some new products didn’t quite make it onto our list of top-sellers but still shifted a few cases in the independent sector and are worthy of honourable mention for their innovation. Cadbury’s Challenge Bar introduced us to the world of spots v stripes in the run up to the Olympics, so we’re sure to hear more about this battle as we approach London 2012. Other ideas that the C-Store team liked included McVitie’s Medley, a biscuit format deisgned for on-the-go snacking, and we are expecting to see and hear more about this brand during 2011.

Iron press soft drink

A soft drink for adults, Iron Press is about as close to beer as you can get without actually being beer, with its malty smell and frothy appearance.

Available in apple and lime variants, Iron Press probably didn't hit the heights of Halewood's Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer, but then again, few new products achieve that level of success.

Cadbury Challenge Bar

Olympic fever will undoubtedly grip Britain at some point, and Cadbury's Challenge Bar put a marker down with its Spots V Stripes activity. The limited-edition bar featured a spotty and a stripey end, and wrappers encouraged consumers to take up finger football or thumb war games. Spots and stripes were also subtly integrated into the pack designs of other Cadbury brands.

Whiskas Simply collection

Independent retailers have generally been slow off the mark to adopt premium pouches into their pet food range, but canny operators could see that this is where the category can really deliver for c-stores.

Retailers’ views 

Kellogg's Krave has gone really well. I wasn't sure whether people would like it because it has hazelnut in it and lot of people aren't keen on nuts, but it is a very strong seller. 

"Walkers Extra Crunchy has also gone down a treat. The salt & vinegar flavour has been especially popular. It's the kind of product that appeals to everyone. 

"The No Fear energy drink has been in high demand from the younger generation. People aged 16 to 25 tend to like energy drinks, but this has been a real hit. We sell seven types of energy drink and No Fear is the best seller." 
Alison Burnes Ferryhill Stores, Irlam, Manchester 

Galaxy Bubbles did very well it's especially a hit with young ladies. Some come buy two at a time! Wispa is a similar texture and that did really well when it relaunched in 2008. I think people just seem to like bubbly chocolate. 

"Mountain Dew Energy has done well since its relaunch. Because it now defines itself as an energy drink, it has broken into a different market and it's now popular with young adults." 
Ralph Patel The Look In, Woodmansterne, Surrey

 Whiskas Simply allowed cats to be both pampered and healthy with pouches containing steamed fish and grilled meat with flavoured jelly and no nasty additives. The lucky cats are able to tuck into varieties such as steamed fish with sardines, or grilled poultry with duck.

About SalesOut 

SalesOut sources data from wholesalers and foodservice companies, managing this data to provide insightful reports on sales and distribution to FMCG manufacturers. SalesOut publishes a category survey every month, which currently includes more than 14,000 stores who have consistently purchased from their wholesalers over the last 104 weeks, who collectively account for sales in excess of £4.5bn a year. This makes it the largest data pool in the industry. 

In the past two years, SalesOut has gone from strength to strength, adding Booker, 3663 and Musgrave Retail Partners GB to existing data partner Nisa-Today's. This has widened its view of the market, enhancing its service to manufacturers and retailers alike by providing an industry leading level of insight. SalesOut recently acquired JPA Europe Ltd, which means it will benefit from an increased data spread and is set to increase organisational resources to manage this as part of its ongoing growth strategy. 

Working with some of the world's top household brands including Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Walkers, and Mars, SalesOut has enabled FMCG manufacturers to achieve sales, trade marketing, and brand management objectives. It has done so by providing actionable insights by volume, penetration, promotions, category level, store level and SKU, empowering FMCG manufacturers with the ability to fill gaps in their distribution, increasing sales in stores where their products are and are not currently stocked. 

The Retailer Portal, powered by SalesOut, is an online performance and benchmarking tool for independent retailers, which is automatically updated every week with the store's wholesale shipment data. By identifying sales opportunities, independent retailers can fight back against the multiples who have identified the convenience retail market as a significant sales opportunity. In partnership with its wholesale customers, SalesOut is also presenting exclusive offers to independent retailers to purchase online, to fill distribution voids.

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