Ferrero is bringing back Tic Tac’s most successful on-pack promotion this month to help retailers drive sugar confectionery sales. Returning with a stronger mechanic, Happy Rewards will feature eight tiers of higher value rewards and a new ‘Refer a friend’ function.

Promotional packs will enable shoppers to accumulate reward points with every purchase. Shoppers can use their points for rewards, such as music playlists, at simply by entering their Happy Reward codes. Each tier of rewards can be claimed as the consumer collects more codes giving higher value rewards such as wireless speakers, a portable BBQ or headphones. New to this year’s promotion, the ‘Refer a friend’ function will see consumers receive a bonus point if a friend enters using their unique invite code.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero said: “Last year, we saw an incredible uptake of our Happy Rewards promotion with nearly 130,000 entries. When we compare this to our 2012 MTV promotion, the redemption rate is 21 times higher, which really demonstrates the ever-growing brand affinity Tic Tac has developed over the past few years with younger audiences. Tic Tac now sits within the top 10 sugar confectionery brands and has firmly cemented itself as a household name. We are confident that our new promotion is going to help sweeten sugar confectionery sales for retailers.”

Happy Rewards will be supported by a strong digital campaign with presence across Youtube, video on demand and Facebook. The social activation will also see the brand give away 1000 codes to fans via Facebook. The on-pack promotion will appear across over 10 million packs of Tic Tacs and will run until August.

For further retailer information and advice call Ferrero UK Limited on 01923 690 300.