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Pladis has expanded the McVitie’s range for Christmas 2023.

The additions aim to help retailers tap into the growing Sweet Seasonal Biscuits opportunity which reached £150m in sales in 2022. The new lines for 2023 include McVitie’s Victoria Chocolate Creations which comes in a 340g box (RRP: £6.75); the McVitie’s Jaffa Tree (RRP: £3) and the McVitie’s Penguin Cracker (RRP: £1.25).

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Returning for 2023 is McVitie’s Victoria which comes in 275g (RRP: £5) and 550g (RRP: £7) formats; McVitie’s Family Circle which is available in a brand-new fully-recyclable 400g box (RRP: £2.50); the McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Christmas Pole (RRP: £3.75) and McVitie’s Santa Snacks Chocolate Cake Bars (RRP: £1.50).

The McVitie’s 2023 Christmas range will be backed by a ‘Ready, Steady, Christmas’ seasonal campaign which features sampling and online activation.

“Sales of Sweet Seasonal Biscuits reached new heights last year, so we know that consumers are hungry for festive treats,” says James King – marketing director McVitie’s at Pladis UK&I. “But they’re also after something new, particularly at Christmas, so it’s a great opportunity to shake things up a little, catch shoppers’ eyes in store, and get on their shopping lists.

“That’s why we’re giving some of our most-loved seasonal favourites a makeover for Christmas 2023 – to create fresh appeal for all our favourites, whilst also making sure we’re catering to shoppers seeking unique novelty products for the festive season.

“And, with biscuit gifting proving more popular than ever and growing 25% year on year, we’re confident we’ve hit the right formula to inspire shoppers and drive further value into the seasonal biscuit opportunity.”

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