SCA has revamped its Tena Men packaging to differentiate the products from their female counterparts and ensure that the brand is viewed as masculine.

Tena Men’s new packaging features a standout box and dark colours, emulating other male products in the healthcare category. The masculine look and feel will noticeably set Tena Men aside from feminine ranges, to make it clear to consumers that there are specific male products available.

With one in four UK men over the age of 40 experiencing urine leakage at some point in their lives, it is vital that stores stock the necessary products to help men manage this, says SCA.

Making it easier to identify the range, a new absorbency indicator has been added to inform customers of the different levels of protection offered by each product. A ‘Secure Absorption’ icon has also been added, as have on pack cues such as ‘absorbs drips and odours’ to communicate benefits quickly to consumers straight from fixture.

Donna Wilson, brand manager for Tena Men, says: “Urine leakage is common amongst men, especially for those over 40 and yet only 48% of men are buying male protection, compared to 52% of women. This means that either men are getting someone else to buy it, use no protection at all or are turning to homemade solutions.

“We have given the Tena Men range a refresh, with a new shape and colour scheme, to encourage trial and purchase amongst men. We are hoping that the change in look will give men the confidence to buy Tena Men on their own and deal with their urine leakage.”