SCA has released Tena Men Protective Shield, which is designed to help men deal with light urine leakage. The absorbent product (rrp: £3.99) is able to deal with the smallest drips and dribbles and the firm claims that it is its most discreet yet thanks to its thin design and black colouring, meaning that it is suitable for dark underwear. Featuring unique odour control, it prevents unwanted smells and ensures men always feel dry and fresh. What’s more, SCA says it is perfectly engineered to fit the male body, making it comfortable to wear.

While it may not be the easiest issue to discuss, one in four UK men over the age of 40 will experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives, says the firm. Therefore, it claims it is vital that stores stock the necessary products to help men manage this. The company is hoping to drive male consumers towards purpose made products to help them keep control of their urine leakage. “Many men are either ignoring the issue or turning to homemade protection which is neither effective nor suitable, making it ever more important that men are aware of the products available to them,” claims SCA.

Brand manager Donna Wilson says: “Tena Men constantly strives to break down the taboo surrounding urine leakage and are using this offering to help men feel comfortable when it comes to using products specifically designed to combat bladder weakness.”

In addition, SCA has launched a packaging refresh across its range of Tena Lady protective products. The new packaging will reassure consumers that Tena Lady addresses key bladder weakness product performance requirements via a new on-pack logo.

“The new ‘Triple Protection’ icon clearly communicates that Tena Lady provides protection against leaks, odour and moisture, three key ‘wants’ when it comes to bladder weakness protection,” says SCA. “Fresh graphics will join the new icon to reassure consumers that their favourite Tena Lady products will continue to provide them with the same core product benefits of odour control, fast absorption, comfort and security.”