Light by Tena has unveiled a money back guarantee to raise awareness of product quality and recruit more women into the category.

The ‘Feel Fresh or it’s Free’ money back guarantee provides consumers with a risk-free means of trialling Tena’s products for light bladder weakness.

Shoppers who pick up one of the 2.2 million promotional packs and do not feel fresh after using the product, will be offered a refund.

Rachael Sumner, brand manager for lights by Tena, said: “The ‘Feel Fresh or it’s Free’ promotion has been launched with the knowledge that up to half of UK women have used unsuitable sanitary protection for light bladder weakness, often because they aren’t aware of the benefits of using purpose-made protection.

“Our promotion will offer shoppers a risk-free way to pick up a pack of lights by Tena, and we are certain that when they do so, they will see our products are a much better solution for little leaks.”