Tena has upgraded its range of products for both men and women who suffer from bladder weakness.

According to Tena, bladder weakness is something that affects 47% of women in the UK, and one in four men (25%) over the age of 40, which is why the leading hygiene brand carried out a series of enhancements to products to provided higher levels of discretion.

Available in store from the end of August, Tena Men’s (RRP £4.49) upgrade runs across the three absorbent protectors in the range and includes improvements to both the product and packaging.

Donna Wilson, brand manager for Tena Men, said: “It’s great to see that men are finally purchasing their own protection for urine leakage, rather than relying on their partner or turning to homemade solutions. What’s more, the male bladder weakness category is growing, making it the perfect time for retailers to stock purpose made products for men. At Tena Men, we strive to normalise the experience of urine leakage. By refreshing part of the range, both inside and out, we want to continue to give men the confidence to go ahead and buy suitable protection.”

Tena Lady (RRP £3.75) has also upgraded its lady pants discreet product to make it feel even more like everyday underwear. The new, thinner Tena lady pants discreet features an improved fit and is 100% as secure as its predecessor and provides triple protection against leaks, odour and moisture. The product also comes in a more elegant and feminine floral design, and also sports a new back logo, so not only do they feel like everyday underwear, but look like it too.

Rachael Sumner, brand manager for Tena Lady, said: “Tena lady continually strives to improve its products to give women complete comfort and total peace of mind when it comes to bladder weakness. This is why we have introduced a series of improvements to the Tena lady pants discreet which now look and feel just like everyday underwear. With the upgraded Tena lady pants discreet, it’s easy for women to confidently get on with their day and keep being them, without a second thought to bladder weakness.”

Specifically designed for those who experience medium bladder weakness, Tena lady pants discreet come in two different sizes, medium and large, allowing retailers to cater for all women.