DSC_2876 C.STRIPS & Pub

Tayto is investing in a four-week digital campaign for its Mr. Porky Crispy Strips.

Launching in February, and aiming to reach millions of sports-and-fitness enthusiasts, the campaign focuses on how the brand is high in protein, high in fat and have very low carb content, making them a keto-friendly snack.

Matt Smith, marketing director for Tayto Group, said: “Meat snacks have long been a go-to solution for consumers looking for a high protein snack, but Mr Porky Crispy Strips is rapidly gaining a loyal following. With 20.7g of protein and only 0.1g of carbs per 35g pack, Crispy Strips really is the protein-packed porky snack. And proudly sporting a Great Taste award, consumers can be confident that it also delivers on taste!”