British sweet manufacturer Swizzels has launched a bubblegum Drumstick lolly more than 50 years after the original famous lollies hit shelves.

New Bubblegum flavoured Drumsticks will be sold as a 10p pocket money line as well as a Mega Drumstick size which retails for 30p. The bright packaging will be impactful on shelf but the pink and blue lolly contains no artificial colours so it appeals to both parents and children.

“The original raspberry and milk flavour Drumstick lollies remain popular with both adults and children and over the years, have become one of the most recognisable and loved sweets,” says marketing manager Sarah-Louise Heslop. “We’re always looking at new flavours to introduce and our research shows that bubblegum flavour is a hit with younger consumers. The Swizzels 10p range has seen sales uplifts of 49% and we are confident that the new Drumstick lollies will boost sales further.”

Drumstick lollies launched in 1957 and have become one of Swizzels’ most popular and recognisable sweets. The striking green logo with yellow and red striped packaging has remained largely unchanged over the decades.

In 2014 more than 165 million Drumstick lollies were made – that’s more than five every second. Sales of the Drumstick brand have increased by three times over the last two years.