Drumstick Chocolate Block

Inspired by the famous lollipop’s flavours, the 100g Drumstick Chocolate block combines milk chocolate with a raspberry and milk fondant centre and real raspberry pieces. The product, which has already been on sale in Home Bargains and B&M, is currently available in a non-pricemarked pack (rrp £1) and will be available in a £1 pricemarked pack later in the year. Its packaging is 100% recyclable.

Jeremy Dee, managing director at Swizzels, said: ‘‘With the large chocolate blocks category currently in +22% growth and the fastest growing sub-category across the whole of Confectionery [IRI Total Market data, Confectionery, 52wks to 27/12/2020], we wanted to bring the much-loved Drumstick taste into the category and give Drumstick fans a brand-new taste experience.

‘‘We know that chocolate has been extremely popular over the course of the pandemic, particularly large chocolate blocks which are driving performance, with sales of large blocks up £136m in 2020 vs 2019, amounting to an extra 105 million blocks sold in that period [ibid]. It’s been a source of comfort for some, as have other confectionery products, so we wanted to put a smile on the faces of those looking to treat themselves in what has been such a challenging time.

‘‘Drumstick Chocolate has certainly generated a real buzz and proven to have great talkability. People have been very interested and excited to try the product, and consumer feedback has been very positive. We’re certainly confident that Drumstick Chocolate will add interest to the chocolate bar category this year.’’