A tangy sour apple flavour chew bar is the latest addition to Swizzels’ Refreshers range.

The bar is part of the ‘flashback to 10p’, sales of which have grown 23%. As a single coin purchase the new bar will offer portion control as well as value for money, notes Swizzels. It will be available in 60 count shelf ready packaging with a promotional header card featuring a bold 10p flash.

The new product joins Swizzels’ Refreshers flavours original lemon and strawberry, which were first launched nearly 60 years ago. Refreshers are the top-selling chew bars in the market. The original lemon variant saw 14% growth year-on-year and the strawberry flavour grew 30% in 2015.

The bar is Swizzels’ first countline chew bar that is suitable for vegetarians. The addition of the vegetarian chew bar will open up new markets for the Refreshers range, appealing to new consumers, including those with specific dietary requirements such as a Halal diet. It is also completely free from artificial colours.

NPD brand manager Emma Herring said: “The sour apple flavour adds a new twist to our traditional Refreshers range. The vibrant packaging and tangy flavour will appeal to consumers of all ages.”

Swizzels is the UK’s largest family-owned independent sugar confectionery business and one of the few confectionery companies to still manufacture sweets in the UK. The company makes a range of well-known products including Squashies, Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumstick Lollies, Rainbow Drops, Double Lollies and Fruity Pops.