Sunmagic, the producer of 100% pure fruit juices and smoothies, has launched a new ‘school-friendly’ sub-brand of drinks.

The 11-strong Hydra is separated into three ranges, including: Hydra Juice, a collection of still juice drinks in flavours of Orange, Lemon & Lime; Apple & Mango; Strawberry & Cherry; Fruit Punch; and Raspberry & Blueberry.

There is also a sparkling juice drinks range, Hydra Fizz, which comes in flavours of: Blackcurrant Cola; Orangez; and Applez. And finally, Hydra Blast has a sports-cap for on-the-go drinking. The latter comes in flavours of Amazing Apple & Blackcurrant; Outrageous Orange; and Awesome Apple.

All of the variants, which are priced at 69p each, contain 45% fruit juice, while Hydra Blast and Fizz also contain spring water. The drinks, which also contain the natural sweetener stevia, count as one of the 5-a-day portions. They also adhere to the new government guidelines regarding what kids’ drinks can and cannot contain.

Razin Ali, Sunmagic’s brand manager, said: “We are extremely excited to be launching our new Hydra brand, following months and months of consumer research. Unsurprisingly, health was identified as a major driver for consumers when choosing soft drinks for themselves or their families. The drinks all adhere to new government guidelines about what soft drinks can and cannot contain, and also provide one of a consumer’s 5-a-day portions.”

“Our new Hydra ranges respond to a variety of different consumer occasions: Hydra Juice provides a still juice drink for everyday hydration, yet offers consumers a range of exotic flavour profiles; Hydra Fizz responds to a consumer need for sparkling products in popular flavours such as ‘Orangez’ or ‘Applez’; while Hydra Blast offers easy on-the-go drinking with its convenient sports-cap.”