Nuts For Group

Sun Valley’s Nuts For brand is introducing three healthier flavours from January 2022.

Protein Pick-up and Berry Boost are vegan and provide a source of plant protein, whilst the Honey Cashews and Peanuts offers the taste of honey-roasted nuts with more honey and less sugar.

The new items come packed in plastic free, compostable packs, making it easier for consumers to shop responsibly.

The snacks are also non-HFSS, which marketing manager Alison Robson said: “if retailers can group Nuts For and similar offerings together, it will enhance their appeal as a destination store for healthy, flavourful and fun products.”

“We’re delighted with Nuts For’s disruptive design that delivers a loud and proud look with huge shelf stand out. Sure to catch shoppers’ attention the range is packed with flavour and personality. Importantly for shoppers looking for great tasting, healthy snacks, our packs shout out the impressive product benefits including source of protein, high fibre content plus vegan credentials. All of this makes them hot tickets in retail,” she continued.

The Nuts For range is available to retailers and wholesalers currently include savoury nut snack mixes Punchy Smoked Paprika and Indian Spice Infusion, sweet mixes Rocky Road Riot and Chocolate Brownie Chaos, which combine fruit, nuts and confectionery, as well as Simply Dip’d Almonds in Dark Chocolate, a lightly chocolate-coated almond snack. The five flavours come in single serve 30-35g bags, MRRP £1.