Strepsils is launching its best selling throat lozenges in a new Handy Tube format specifically developed for the convenience stores.

The hard plastic tubes contain 10 lozenges, and have been developed to sit alongside medicinal confectionary as a front of counter product. 

They will be available in the brand’s best selling Honey and Lemon flavour, as well as the latest variant, Cool sensation.
The product will be supported by a £4m national TV, radio and outdoor advertising package which it expects to be seen by nine out of ten consumers.

Counter-top point of sale material will also be available to retailers.

The Honey and Lemon variant will be sold at an rrp of £1.46 and Cool Strepsils Handy Tubes at £1.95. 

Handy tubes will be available through all major wholesalers by the begging of November.

tel: 0500 455 456.