Jordans is launching the first-ever multigrain porridge on the market. The innovation is a blend of four grains - oats, wheat, barley and rice. High in fibre, with no added salt or sugar, Jordans Multigrain Porridge also contains 40% less fat than standard porridge. It can help reduce cholesterol and has a low glyceamic index rating. The new cereal is available in cases of 10 x 750g packs. Product manager Matthew Raw says: “There’s been a surge in demand for porridge in the past year, with our Organic Porridge sales up by 65% and Conservation Grade Porridge up by 76%. “We’ve responded to consumer demand and created a natural and healthy porridge that’s really tasty and offers even more benefit to consumers. It should appeal to existing porridge eaters and the millions of consumers seeking healthy food products.”

RRP: £1.59