GALLAHER has announced launches in several of its leading brand ranges.
In the roll your own category the company has launched a new blend of tobacco, Samson Virginia Blend, which the company says captures a growing preference for light-coloured Virginia tobaccos.
To coincide with the new launch the entire Samson range has undergone a revamp with a new look.
Silk Cut Graphite is a new premium cigarette which incorporates a dual carbon filter. The pack has a silver bevel edge designed to give a masculine appeal.
Silk Cut Graphite 20s retail at £5.33.
In the Camel range, Gallaher is launching Camel Natural Flavour nationwide following a three-month trial in London.
Camel Natural Flavour Filter 20s and Camel Natural Flavour Subtle 20s are made from 100% whole leaf tobacco with no added flavouring.
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