NESTLé CONFECTIONERY'S big news for Easter 2009 is the launch of an Aero filled egg.

● The egg is filled with bubbly milk chocolate and Nestlé expects it to appeal to women looking for an indulgent treat.

● It will be available from the first week in December and will be backed by a £0.5m marketing campaign, part of a £3m spend for the brand next year.

● Nestlé expects the filled egg category to grow by at least 11% in 2009 because the sales period will be three weeks longer than in 2008.

● Also new for 2009 are Smarties Mini Eggs and Milkybar Mini Eggs, which come in 100g pouches.

● In addition, Nestlé is removing plastic inserts from the majority of its shell eggs. Instead, the eggs will be held in place by a new fully recyclable card tray.

● 'Easter basket'-style pos material will support the Easter range.

RRP 40p for Aero egg;

85p for mini eggs

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